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Who Are We?

Welcome to the Chinese Calligraphy and Art Centre, a dedicated non-profit organization passionately committed to the promotion and preservation of the exquisite art form of Chinese calligraphy. Rooted in a profound appreciation for the rich cultural heritage that calligraphy embodies, we strive to foster a deeper understanding and widespread appreciation for this timeless artistic tradition.

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About Mr. Li, ChenHing

Founder l New York Chinese Calligraphy And Art Center

The founder of Chinese Calligraphy and Art Centre in New York is Mr. Li, ChenHing, also known as Yixin Dao. He was born in 1955 in Fuzhou. He began his journey in calligraphy by studying the scripts of San Shi Pan, Shi Gu, and the stele inscriptions of Zheng Wengong. He excelled particularly in Shan Gu and Shi Ru calligraphy styles. As the fourth-generation disciple of Qing Dao Ren, he was a “rù shì dìzǐ” of Zhang Longyan and dedicated his life to the inheritance of the Qing Dao Ren Meian calligraphy school. He authored the book “The Origin of Profound Ink” and established the Qing Dao Ren Art Museum.

“Not only a calligraher and collector, but an experienced connoisseur of ancient Chinese at the same time..”​

The term “入室弟子” (rù shì dìzǐ) in Chinese refers to a disciple who has been accepted into the inner circle or inner sanctum of a master or teacher. In traditional Chinese culture, particularly in disciplines like martial arts, calligraphy, and various forms of art and knowledge transmission, becoming an “入室弟子” is a significant and formal recognition of a student’s dedication and skill.

Our Mission


Our core mission is to promote Chinese calligraphy art and achieve the integration of Easter and Wester art. We aspire to cultivate a harmonious fusion of traditions, transcending cultural boundaries to create a more enduring inheritance of Chinese culture. 

Our Vision

By bridging the gap between the elegance of Chinese calligraphy and the diverse forms of Western art, we envision a cultural landscape where the two traditions coalesce, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation. Through our endeavors, we aim to celebrate the timeless beauty of Chinese calligraphy while facilitating a dynamic exchange that enriches both Eastern and Western artistic expressions, contributing to a global cultural tapestry that resonates with the essence of our shared heritage.