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Our Classes Awaits You

Explore our comprehensive calligraphy courses, suitable for beginners to advanced learners. Learning Chinese Calligraphy is journey that goes beyond the strokes and characters, delving into the rich tapestry of tradition and philosophy. 

By embracing this art form, you not only master a skill but also connect with a heritage that spans centuries. 

Join us in the fascinating realm of Chinese Calligraphy, where learning is not just a process but a delightful adventure, sparking curiosity and creativity with every stroke.

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Join the captivating journey into the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy with our beginner class. This course is designed to introduce enthusiasts of all levels to the rich heritage and profound techniques of calligraphy as a timeless craft. You will be guided with our skilled mentors with deep roots in the art’s traditions. You will also learn the fundamental brushstrokes, explore the graceful movements of the ink-drenched brush, and immerse themselves in the elegance of Chinese characters.

Advanced Learners

Improve your master of Chinese calligraphy with our advanced classes, meticulously tailored for seasoned learners passionate about delving deeper into the art’s intricate nuances. Learn more about the subtleties of brushwork and artistic expression. Our advanced classes offer a unique opportunity to refine techniques, explore diverse calligraphic styles, and engage in profound artistic experimentation. 

Join 100+ beginning and intermediate calligraphers learning lessons with us since 2021

Embark on a captivating journey into the artistry of brushwork and expression. Our expert instructors will guide you through the intricate strokes and rich cultural significance of this ancient practice, providing a unique opportunity to enhance your artistic skills. Join our classes to explore the beauty of Chinese calligraphy in a vibrant and supportive learning environment right in the heart of New York City. 

Snapshots From Our Chinese Calligraphy Class

The following are photos from previous Chinese Calligraphy class.

new york calligraphy

Demonstrations On How To Use Brushes

Mr. Li demonstrating how to use a special holding brush style to paint “Pusa” meaning Buddha.

Work Of The Week

Teacher Li’s work of the week: Lin Zhang Raptor, Tang Pak Fu, Lu Fang Wengtai

Sunday Classes

Mr. Li taught Maio 苗, and Zuo Mu 作牧 calligraphy.  Below are some works from the class.