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A Recap Of the Mid-Autumn Calligraphy Festival​

We hosted an overseas calligraphy and painting exhibition, inviting more than forty artists from Taiwan, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, New York, and other places. Over sixty artworks were showcased, making it the first and most widely encompassing exhibition in New York’s art scene.

We have invited artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, showcasing a rich variety of artistic styles and perspectives. This exhibition was not just any art event – it was groundbreaking. It marked the first time such a comprehensive display of international calligraphy and painting took place in New York.


We believed that our event have significantly made an impact to the cultural richness of the city, fostering global artistic connections and opening up new horizons for the local audience. Such exhibitions not only promote cultural understanding but also celebrate the diversity and creativity inherent in human expression.