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Solo Exhibitions From Renowned Calligraphers

We have previously held solo exhibitions for calligraphers Wang Maoxuan, Yu Erke, Chen Ruikang, and Wu Mingfeng. This was truly an insightful day for us, learning and witnessing different brush techniques, as well as learning from the artists.

These exhibitions have helped shaped the narrative and impact of Chinese calligraphy artists. By offering a dedicated platform for individual artists to showcase their work, these exhibitions provide a profound opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding.

We were very happy to help artists to express their unique perspectives, techniques, and artistic philosophies, allowing the audience to delve deeply into the nuances of Chinese calligraphy. We hope that these exhibitions have helped expound the visibility of Chinese calligraphy in the diverse tapestry of New York’s art scene, fostering a greater appreciation for this intricate and centuries-old art form. 

Below are some photos from the exhibitition.

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Through such exhibitions, we aim to help Chinese calligraphy artists engage with a broader audience, sparking meaningful dialogues, challenging perceptions, and leaving a lasting impression on the rich mosaic of artistic expression in the city, thus contributing significantly to the cultural amalgamation that defines New York’s vibrant art landscape.

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